• ‘Fantastic, I’d never seen my class so calm.’

    Lucy Macfarlane
    George Watson’s College
  • ‘He did not want to give the old woman his hound, who had been his dearest companion since childhood; but he was a prince, and he had made his promise.’
  • ‘Enthralling... has a wonderful way with children... highly recommended!’

    Jacqueline Auld
    Dunbar Primary School
  • ‘A warm and skillful storyteller... it was a joy to share the laughter and awe he created among the children.’

    Clunie Phipps
    The Red Bus


  • Buddhist Meditation

    My most popular workshop, inspired by time spent in monasteries in Nepal and working with Tibetan refugees in India, as well as years of personal practice. Children are given the chance to try a number of different Buddhist meditation techniques from zen walking to mantra chanting, all made accessible and enjoyable. Traditional Buddhist stories are used to help facilitate understanding.

    The Voice of John Muir

    I grew up in John Muir’s birthplace of Dunbar and lived in what was once his great-aunt’s house. Having studied his work for years it is always a great pleasure to go out and tell his stories in his own words.

    In this workshop children are taken on an excursion to a local woodland or wild area to hear John’s stories, then given nature-based tasks to help integrate what they have learned. If an excursion is not possible then a regular storytelling session can be given instead.

    The Hidden Imagination

    Many children (especially boys) struggle with imaginative writing. I believe this is due to a lack of exposure to nature, live music and storytelling, all of which are unmatched in their capacity to inspire us. In this workshop I use music, visualisation, artifacts and old stories to rekindle children’s innate imaginations, using techniques derived from my study of creative writing to M.A level.

  • The Hero Quest

    This workshop focusses on the links between the hero myth and the journey one goes through from childhood into adulthood. Stories offer a means to explore the challenges facing youth today and the opportunities that lie therein. Pupils will have the opportunity to compare the environment they live in to that of the stories and consider what an appropriate response to its dangers and opportunities might be. In the process they can learn to see themselves mythically, enhance their own emotional literacy and experience the enormous personal enrichment this can offer.

  • Myth as medicine

    Each Myth as Medicine workshop is an exploration of an ancient story and its relevance to our individual lives. Whether from Scotland or Siberia, these stories are ever-shifting mirrors that offer a unique reflection to every person that delves into them. Participants listen to the story with breaks to integrate and discuss its implications, after which there is space for individual reflection and finally an affirmative creative response.

    Start telling stories

    A storytelling workshop for absolute beginners and those just starting out. Participants start by learning how to find and remember stories and how to make use of their body, voice and natural gifts. The latter part of the workshop focusses on making a personal connection with stories and making use of the imagination to explore them more deeply.

  • Storymaking

    The focus of this workshop is to provide an experience of creating and telling a story that is accessible and enjoyable for pupils with a wide range of needs. Music, movement, dance, gesture, vocalisation and touch are fused together with oral storytelling to form a spontaneous and unique creation.