• ‘...when the lion saw that the young man was crying, he licked the tears from his face.’
  • 'Thank you for everything you do for us... you make the event very special.'

    Didgeridoo Pete,
    Singing Sticks Festival organiser
  • ‘It was easy to sleep there. The flames roared, singing as they spattered, dancing for her in a tapestry of colour and light. She saw figures in the reindeer-skin walls as she stared at them, hour after hour, day after day, and they became her companions.’


I accompany my stories with didgeridoo, Native American flute, drums, rattles, shakers, Mongolian throat-singing, Jew’s harp and Tibetan singing bowls. I’ve always been amazed by the power of storytelling with music to captivate the imagination. Adults and children alike are spellbound by the haunting sound of the didgeridoo or ‘yidaki’, which is believed to be at least 40,000 years old and the oldest woodwind instrument in the world. The Native American flute has an amazing ability to calm and soothe the mind while evoking far off landscapes, while the Jew’s harp has been played in Siberia for thousands of years and lends an otherworldly atmosphere to Siberian tales.

When working with children I always provide opportunities for everyone to join in and make music together, using instruments and our voices. I present my instruments along with artifacts such as African masks, Buddhist statues and snake skins.

Take a look at the pictures in the gallery to see my instrument display, watch the video or visit my sound cloud at https://soundcloud.com/danielallisondidgeridoo to hear recordings.