• 'The Demon King, Mara, saw what was happening, and sent a horde of demons to stop Siddhartha. These demons were desires.'
  • 'Every day the chimpanzee brought him food, and every night it carried him up into the trees where they built their nests side by side.’
  • ‘finally, Anga would need the skin of the Bear King, who slept in a cave high in the mountains.’

CPD Training & Coaching

I offer Storytelling CPD courses through East Lothian Council for teachers, environmental rangers and education workers.



The course is active, experiential and lots of fun!

Participants begin by telling one another short, simple stories from their own lives. From here we progress, through a series of small steps, to the point where each participant will stand up in front of the group to tell part of a traditional story.

On the way we cover topics including:

  • finding stories
  • remembering stories
  • storytelling technique: eye contact, gesture, voice, movement
  • creating rapport with an audience
  • using your unique gifts
  • music and props
  • spontaneous creativity – ‘the music of what happens’


After the workshop each participant is sent via email an information pack with detailed coverage of the above topics, together with resources to help them get started on their storytelling journey. I am always happy to offer post-workshop advice.


Storytelling and PSE

Storytelling can be a very effective tool in engaging pupils with personal and social issues. This workshop is designed to train teachers in finding, exploring and effectively utilising stories for use in PSE lessons.

Topics covered include:

  • stories as maps through life
  • initiation stories for boys and girls
  • placing the listener in the story
  • creating debates and resolving conflicts
  • stories as a key to enhancing emotional literacy


After the workshop each participant is sent via email an information pack including stories along with suggested exercises, resources and recommended reading. I am always happy to offer post-workshop advice.


What is the value of storytelling in the classroom?

Storytelling develops a variety of skills and can be used to meet numerous outcomes in the Curriculum for Excellence.

Storytelling develops a love of language and vocabulary. It encourages critical literacy and an awareness of how to contribute appropriately and to value other people’s contributions. Listening to stories provides a springboard for active play and creativity, which inspires them to invent their own stories. Children can ‘play’ with stories using different media, including creative writing, drama, music, movement, dance, visual art, craft activities, animation and ICT.

Regularly engaging with storytelling and story-making activities in the classroom creates a culture of communication, confidence, collaboration, understanding and respect. The content of the stories may lead to class discussions about the characters and the consequences of their actions. Storytelling is particularly helpful to support children during times of transition, and can be used to explore sensitive topics, such as bullying.

Storytelling and story-making help teachers to meet:

  • Literacy across learning
  • Literacy & English
  • Health and Wellbeing across learning.


It can also be used as tools to support learning in other areas, such as numeracy and science, and can lead to cross-curricular and inter-departmental collaborations.



Storytelling Coaching

I offer one to one coaching for beginning storytellers in Edinburgh and East Lothian. One to one coaching gives space to explore and experiment with such elements as the use of voice, movement and gesture, as well as to go deeper into studying individual stories and the way the teller relates to them.

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