I run a monthly didgeridoo-based sound meditation at Himalaya Cafe in Edinburgh.

Over the course of an hour you can immerse yourself in the sounds of the didgeridoo, buffalo drum, chimes, singing bowls, Mongolian throat-singing, Native American flute and other sounds. The space is warm, comfortable, candle-lit and scented with specially-chosen incenses.

Please bring a bottle of water as well as a blanket, sleeping bag, pillow, cushions or whatever you need to make a cosy nest to dream in. Do not wear or bring nylon or artificial fabrics that will rustle and disturb the atmosphere.


Next date: tbc

Time: 7pm

Price: £8

At: Himalaya Cafe, 20 South Clerk St, Edinburgh EH8 9PR

Hiamalaya Cafe serves wonderful vegetarian meals, snacks, teas and chai with all profits going to a charity run by the owner to help underprivileged children in India, so please come and eat with us first if you can.


‘When I listen to Daniel playing I feel that I am being pulled into another dimension. It sounds to me like a language which I can’t quite understand but recognize on a deep level. It is strong and gentle and beautiful all at the same time. Very powerful!’

Ria Annand